What’s Up With the Slides?

What do old slide photos of people and places we don’t know have to do with baked goods? Nothing.

We just love them.

They evoke memory. Each one has a story. A person cared enough to snap it. Many times another person cared enough to pose for it. They cared enough to develop them, then probably showed them off and kept them for many years. Each one is nostalgic and sentimental but not sugary or smarmy. Each one is of a time and technology that no longer exists. Each one is mysterious and different from every other.

To answer the question, the slides have nothing to do with baked goods, but have everything to do with Flour. In what we value. In how we approach our offerings. And in sharing that care with everyone around us. So we give them out as a shared experience with our customers. You are free to keep them, or better yet, share them with others.

Soon, we will have a process to bring it back and recycle it with us in exchange for something good. Like a frequent diner card, but way better. But until then, we just hope you will enjoy each one and remember us.