Hope Williams

From the first time my mom allowed me to measure cups of flour and teaspoons of baking soda, I have loved baking. Through the years I began to have glimpses of a future that somehow seemed to involve a bakery display case filled with lemon bars, cinnamon rolls and all manner of baked goodness. The dream continually evolved as I developed a nostalgic connection between honest food and memories. I began to appreciate the time that goes into a dessert or bread and the hands that tended it. To be able to provide food for another person is the most elemental of services. I can think of nothing more affirming or fulfilling for myself than to be to be a link between wholesome consumption and the human connections formed around it. This is not done lightly. Every ingredient, my process and every tool I use is important to the outcome of what I offer.

I am relatively new to Austin. I can thrive here in the beauty of the place and the people around me. What I love most about Austin is finding people who have the same ideals as I do. Greg has inspired me to follow my dreams and taught me that this dream of food integrity can be a reality. While I churn out test products in the kitchen, he holds me to the high standard that we both believe in, offering support and business knowledge to my floury endeavors.

When I’m not baking or sourcing food I enjoy learning new things, spending time with my kids and dog and exploring Austin’s many venues and especially the watering holes. On a nice day you can find me at Twin Falls or Barton Springs. I hope to meet you soon .

Greg Wilson

I moved to Austin and began a career in technology, after a short, ill-advised attempt at law school in Houston. Once here, I knew then what everyone else in the country is finding out now. Fifteen and counting years later, I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

I went to a small, private school with Hope more years ago than I would like to discuss. She was just a little kid while I pretended to be a big fish in a small pond. Some years later, after finding each other online, I immediately noted she has incredible talent and blossoming creativity, especially with baking. When she moved to Austin and we began discussing options, it became clear we shared an ethic and vision around food culture, sustainability and combining our talents to create something special.

I am dedicated to the idea that food and community are intrinsically tied. That a business needs to look at every aspect of its impact to the community, whether it’s with food sources, environmental footprint, staff policy or guiding principles. My attempt every day is to try and make a positive impact within my circle of influence, no matter how large or small that circle is.

Like a lot of people in Austin, happy hours are my friend, I count the Alamo Drafthouse as my church, and although I am an ashamedly picky eater, I love the way Austin’s food scene is blowing up and desperately want to take advantage of it. I am a huge supporter of the Austin Film Society. Although I live in the Live Music Capital of the World, I don’t go to as many shows as I should, but always wish I went to more when I do.

I am trying to say yes more than no as a general rule.

Although I aspire to one day be able to create something great with flour, salt and water, I try to bring to Flour my business experience, creativity and combined vision. And hopefully, one day, I will make a kick-ass cookie too.