We’ll put the bottom line at the top for you. If you want something that comes from a bakery, we can provide it.

Not only that, but it will be unbelievably delicious while using the honest processes and purest ingredients that are our guiding principles.  That said, we do have some things we do that are just ours and offer all of the time:

Breads – All of Flour’s breads are created by hand, using a slow-process that allows the bread to ferment and rise naturally and in it’s own time.

Reminiscents РThe treats you remember having as a kid. You loved eating them, but hesitate now because they are so filled with additives and chemicals. Flour has recreated many of these nostalgic treats but elevated and transformed them with real ingredients that you can recognize and pronounce. With Flour Reminiscents, you can proudly include them in your kids lunch, and your own, once again.

Custom Cakes – Whether for a wedding, party or event, Flour can provide a cake that is amazing when seen and when eaten. Customized in both flavor and decoration, we can provide you a worry-free, memorable centerpiece to any event. Dedicated to pure, honest ingredients, the dessert and decoration will be held to Flour’s high standard. If you know exactly what you would like, we can deliver. If you are unsure, we can help with some direction to make your event amazing. Important note, we don’t make strictly decor. Our cakes are made to be beautiful and delicious.

Events – Whether a selection of breakfast pastries, desserts, cookie platter, or individual servings for your guests, Flour can accommodate your meeting, party or event.

Photo credit Laura Latimer