Peasant Bread

Sourdough. But with a different technique, it transforms into a round that is soft, airy with an open crumb that melts in your mouth. ~ 8

Walnut Bread

This round of  sour bread has a thick crust that requires tearing and an open translucent crumb. A ribbon of walnut oil  and walnuts runs throughout ~ 8

Pretzel Rolls

Tough and salty, these rolls scream for a salami and a tall cold glass of beer. Unlike many americanized breads, this offering is substantial and requires teeth to eat it.  Six rolls made in the traditional manner.  You can taste the rich European history.

Offered in boxes of 6 or more. ~2 per roll

Flour Multigrain Bread


A hearty, nutty flavor and a texture that holds up for any use. Made with a mixture of oats, barley, and a variety of seeds and grains, this full-flavored bread is full of good things! ~ 8


Excellent for toast at breakfast or to provide a canvas for the perfect Reuben sandwich. Sprinkled with traditional caraway seeds, this hearty rye bread will bring the flavor every time. ~ 8


The cornerstone of the bread world, our sourdough is made with the time and care it requires. Like a good wine, sourdough bread needs time to develop flavor and complexity. Flour’s slow-process allows that to occur without introducing artificial leavens or heat to speed it up. With a chewy crust and an open, translucent crumb, this sourdough is your go-to sandwich bread. ~ 7



A tough, chewy crust gives way to a moist, open interior that begs for sandwich stuff.

Six or more individually-sized 4″ square rolls. Also available in a full slipper. Send us a note if that interests you. 

~2 per roll

Hippie Bread

A deep, rich complex bread. Organically shaped, hearth baked boule. We sprout our own wheat, add hemp, spelt and a variety of seeds and grains. Made in the small-batch, slow process of all our breads, Hippie Bread is a healthy addition to the bread box. ~ 9